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Ultra Grip & Ultra Step Tiles

Get a Grip.

If the work environment is oily or solvent laden you need to get a grip. 
Ultra Grip™ Safety Flooring fits the bill with both
top and bottom carbide encrusted surfaces for maximum slip resistance. 
Ultra Step™ is similar but features a carbide encrusted top surface only. 
Thick waffle-design tiles cushion your step.

Ultra Anti-Slip Products Feature:

  • Recycled PVC construction

  • Carbide encrusted surfaces

    • Ultra Grip™: top & bottom

    • Ultra Step™: top only

  • T-tab and T-slot locking tiles

  • Beveled edges availabel in 3" and 6"
    widths, choice of black, yellow, or carbide coated

Ultra Anti-Slip Products are resistant to:

  • Petroleum Oils (including brake &
    transmission fluids)

  • Industrial Solvents (excluding alcohol)

  • Most industrial chemicals

Available in standard size modules with Ultra
Grip™ or Ultra Step™ coated tiles.  Standard 6" yellow ramps on three


Thickness: 3/4"
Color: Black

Standard Sizes (width x length @ weight):

  12" x 12" @ 1.75lb.

Custom Sizes (width x length):





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